Virtual office

At Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava we are well aware of the fact that starting a business today is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of time, energy and of course financial resources. As a business person or beginner you are still not sure whether the money spent will ever be returned. To help minimise the costs in business establishments we have created for our clients the virtual office service. In short Virtual Office.

Virtual Office does not only represent a practical and modern solution for start-ups, or businessmen who want to minimise their costs of running their own offices. It is the perfect solution even for those clients who for various reasons cannot or do not want to own or lease office space.


Who is the Virtual Office service set up for?

  • For start-ups or companies that will save the cost of renting and maintaining their own administrative areas
  • For domestic and foreign operators, who for various reasons need to place their headquarters in Bratislava
  • For business people who for various reasons do not wish to specify their home address as the address of the company
  • For business people – individuals who are often on the move and do not use an office every day, but in the case of business meetings need a functioning and representative reception and office place
  • For experienced business people who know how expensive it is to run their own office space and decided to minimise these costs
  • For business people who understand how important it is to have a seat on a prestigious address in the centre of Bratislava


What we offer within the Virtual Office?

  • Registered office address, which is according to the Commercial Code a mandatory duty of each company
  • Head office in a lucrative location in the centre of Bratislava
  • The Web site of the company seat
  • Creating mailboxes for professional communication with business partners
  • Rent of a luxury office space and negotiating or training rooms, equipped with the latest presentation technology with a capacity of 20 seats and situated right in the centre of Bratislava
  • Active use of reception and administrative services on weekdays during working hours
  • The use of printers and copiers
  • Sending of letters, receiving and forwarding of incoming letters to any address, even abroad, or scan the consignments
  • Accounting service and legal advice service
  • Translation and interpretation services

Internet connection and refreshments are included


What do you get through the Virtual Office?

  • You will save money since you do not have to pay for the rental of an office and it’s maintenance, you don’t have to pay the receptionist, or accountant. The funds saved can be developed into your business.
  • You will save time that you would necessarily have to be investing into running your own office and on the contrary you get more time to build your business
  • You will earn flexibility since you can manage your business from anywhere in the world
  • At the same time you can be sure that the administrative aspects of the operation of your company is well cared for
  •  Reduce the stress which appears with opening the letters that contain accounts and invoices for rent, a cleaner, etc.,
  • From us you will receive a single account in which you pay only for the services you really need and used to benefit your business


Still hesitating?

Virtual Office is used more and more all around the world, mainly due to the comfort and safety that it provides. Thanks to this service, your daily life will be a little easier. Many others have already found that out. Be the next.



Make the right decision right now and do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us exactly what you need and we will send you an affordable price list according to your needs.

With us, you save money and your precious time.

You will also gain freedom and flexibility in business and you will be sure that your company is in good hands. No more stress. We are here to help so that you may pay attention exclusively to your business.


Why choose us?

  • Inexpensive residence at a prestigious location in Bratislava
  • Professional approach
  • Professional services
  • Lucrative and representative office space
  • Cost effective packages
  • Price list according to your needs

You pay only for the services that you will actually use



BASIC package

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for 3 years) € 27.75

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for 2 years) € 31.20

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for one year) € 33.25

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for 6 months) € 39.83


BASIC package includes:

  • One-time entry fee
  • Registered seat
  • Marking a mailbox
  • Correspondence
  • Incoming mail notice in a way that you will specify
  • Inbox scan and its forwarding e-mail
  • High Speed ​​Internet
  • Luxurious office space rental (2 hours / month)


PREMIUM package includes

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for three years) 99, 00 €

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (the room for 2 years) € 129.00

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45(if ordered for one year) € 149.00

Head of Company at the address Obchodná 45 (if ordered for 6 months) € 199.00


PREMIUM package includes the BASIC package and:

  • Reception and assistance service during rental office period including refreshments
  • Office supplies provision
  • Technical support
  • Luxurious office space rental (10 hours / month)


As our client you have the possibility to rent our luxury office space outside of the prepaid service package for a discounted price 10€ / for 1 hour rental.

You need to report your interest in renting a room within 72 hours in advance.


To find out your language skill the fastest and most effective way possible, CBI has made a placement test, which will take just several minutes to fill in. Our system will evaluate the test and give you your current language level according to SEER. This information can be very useful in choosing your current language course level.