Summer intensive language courses at Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava

Why choose a summer intensive language course at Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava?

Do you want to spend your summer getting to know new cultures, finding new friends, looking for a new job in the languages sector or ​​you want to improve your language skills for the next semester? Want to pass your language exams or just want to “remember” your knowledge of a foreign language. Then a summer language course is the right thing for you. Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava offers to fulfil your summer "mission" in the short term period.

  • The maximum number of students per group: 12
  • Modern air-conditioned space
  • The price for one lesson starting from € 4.65 (VAT not included), one lesson is 45 minutes
  • Addressing current topics of everyday life
  • All language levels
  • Teaching in nature -in the case of interest and good weather
  • Students communicate in the target language during the lessons
  • We point on the development of all language skills (understanding, reading, writing, and speaking)
  • Teaching in a playful and entertaining way



To find out your language skill the fastest and most effective way possible, CBI has made a placement test, which will take just several minutes to fill in. Our system will evaluate the test and give you your current language level according to SEER. This information can be very useful in choosing your current language course level.