Semi-individual language courses at Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava

Why do some clients prefer an individual education course instead of a group one? Here are a few main reasons:

  • Limited time-flexibility time need.
    If you belong to the group of people who have limited availability an individual language course is the right course for you.
    With an individual education course you are in charge of how often and when the education will take place.
    You can also agree with the lecturer if you need any changes in the time schedule, or you need the course to be more – or less – intensive.
  • Fast language progress.
    If you need to get to a higher skill level in less than one or two semesters individual lessons fit all your needs.
  • The possibility of learning from the comfort of home or work
    No time to attend a language course? Choose an individual language course at CBI-Language courses Bratislava and our lecturer will come directly to your home or work.
  • The possibility of learning a language that is not offered in the public courses.
    In case of interest in a foreign language which is not listed in the public courses offer at CBI- Language courses Bratislava, or you are looking for an unconventional (specific) language, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    CBI carries a database with experienced trainers of many nationalities. We are able to offer different non-traditional languages ​​(Portuguese, Chinese language, Japanese language, etc.).
  • Language courses according to your needs.
    Not interested in traditional teaching methods and rewritten textbooks?
    CBI-Language courses Bratislava will fit the language course to meet your exact requirements.


Semi – Individual language courses-additional benefits:

  • Special semi-individual care
  • Opportunity to choose the lecturer
  • Learning without presence of other students
  • Better focus
  • More opportunities to express yourself


What should be done in case you are interested in semi-individual learning?

If you are considering semi-individual learning for yourself, your kids or employees, you are definitely making the right choice. Call us, send an e-mail, or simply make the placement test to find out your skill level.


Prepare answers to questions like:

  • What language do you want to study?
  • What skill level have you reached?
  • At what level do you want to get and how quickly?
  • How often, when and where do you want the course to take place?
  • Would you prefer a Slovak nationality lecturer or a native speaker?
  • Who will be the student (a small child, mother, housewife, businessman etc?)


The next step will be a clear analysis of your needs that CBI-Language courses Bratislava will prepare without any obligations. You will make your decision according to the offer that our consultant will make according to your requirements.


How soon is it possible to start my education?

At Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava, we are trying to start the education of the foreign language as soon as possible-usually within one week. Very important is, of course, intense and clear communication. Like this, based on your requirements, we choose the best trainer for you who will lead you to your goal, whether it's improving your presentation skills for trade negotiations, desired important passing of tests, or the funniest form of education for your child.

When we select the lecturer, who according to your specifications, suits your requirements the most we will send you all the necessary information.

Even though the lecturer is already informed about your needs we recommend going through it one more time in the first lesson again. Explain your previous experience with language learning and your ideas about where you want the study to go further, what are your plans and what exactly you need from the individual teaching.

Our experienced lecturers understand that each student is different. One meets a fixed concept of teaching given from a textbook; another expects to adapt the teaching, regarding the current and changing situations. Therefore, the lecturer needs to get to know you in order to target the education efficiently and to fit all your needs.

Apart from your personal lecturer you also will be assigned to a particular contact person that will take charge of your course during the full period of your course. In this way we will stay connected all the time, which means that we will be able to promptly react to any possible changes on your part.


Whatare the objectives of semi-individual learning?

We at Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava understand very well that an individual language course is more expensive than a regular one. Our clients want to be sure that the money they invested in this form of learning will go to good use. Therefore, based on our years of experience we recommend our clients to identify their targets and objectives before the start of individual education. This leads to constant motivation to study and also to sufficient progress that is visible to judge.

Examples of short-term goals:

  • I will prepare myself the best way possible to handle interviews in a foreign language.
  • I will successfully pass a language test that I retain from the previous semester.
  • I will not have any communication problems during my next summer holidays
  • A few months from now I will stop being ashamed to talk to my lecturer and I will dare to speak the target language in public.

Short-term goals serve well, especially for you. You can feel your progress more intensively and you can make yourself sure that it has sense to continue in the language course education.

As much as the short – term goals, it is very important to set out the long-term goal. It will also be useful for your lecturer. The lecturer can decide where to aim your education and what methods or materials should be used. While determining the long-term goal, it's important to think about what is the purpose of your study.

Examples of long–term goals:

  • I want to live in a country where the language is spoken.
  • I need to communicate and use the language at my work.
  • I need to get an internationally valid certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
  • I want to be able to communicate during my travels or on vacation.

Semi-individualne hodiny /2 a viac os?b/ - kurz v?eobecn?ho jazyka

LevelScheduleTimeLectorHoursTermPrice without VAT
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00slovak1kedykolvek26,78 €Register
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00native1kedykolvek27,88 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 a do 16:00slovak1kedykolvek27,88 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 a do 16:00native1kedykolvek29,50 €Register

Semi-individualne hodiny /2 a viac os?b/ - kurz obchodn?ho jazyka

LevelScheduleTimeLectorHoursTermPrice without VAT
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00slovak1kedykolvek27,78 €Register
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00native1kedykolvek29,50 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 a do 16:00slovak1kedykolvek29,50 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 a do 16:00native1kedykolvek30,23 €Register

Semi-individualne hodiny /2 a viac os?b/ - ?pecializovan? kurz

LevelScheduleTimeLectorHoursTermPrice without VAT
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00slovak1kedykolvek31,40 €Register
ALLlive onlinepred 9:00 a po 16:00native1kedykolvek35,58 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 do 16:00slovak1kedykolvek29,76 €Register
ALLlive onlineod 9:00 do 16:00native1kedykolvek33,59 €Register


To find out your language skill the fastest and most effective way possible, CBI has made a placement test, which will take just several minutes to fill in. Our system will evaluate the test and give you your current language level according to SEER. This information can be very useful in choosing your current language course level.