The fundamental question – how?

At this point we are looking at the question of: How do the students learn, what do they know? Since CBI has great experience with large training projects (ESET, MFA) as well as with smaller ones, which come with more specific assignments, we are able to costume it to the learning state institution as well as to manufacturing companies.

We have experience in providing language education in fields of-banking, insurance industry, IT and telecommunications; we carry a huge portfolio of corporate clients which underline our experience.

So for the question – HOW? we can give a confident answer!

Choose Canadian Bilingual Institute – language courses Bratislava.

Thanks to many years of experience with company education we can clearly define and fulfil your individual needs. We can also do that by including modern teaching methods.

The main character in teaching is the student, his/her motivation and specific language needs. During education we take good care of communication and the student becomes an active factor in learning thanks to these facts:

  • The lecturer takes good care to let the student understand the language structure according to his/her own judgement
  • The student is absorbing new language vocabulary spontaneously, without putting too much pressure on memorising it
  • The student finds him/herself in model situations, where he/she needs to use current language level and skills.
  • Foreign language is absorbed automatically and naturally without the need of translation into Slovak.
  • The student sees the progress which is very motivating to study further.


At CBI we are aware that the education process must always try to reach targets and for that it is necessary to continuously control it.

To ensure all is going in the right direction we have several effective tools, such as:

  • regular testing progress-once every semester or by appointment
  • result analysis of each student with the lecturer and as well with yourself
  • lecturer observation during lessons
  • student satisfaction survey-which is sent to every student after a certain numbers or hours taught
  • permanent feedback which is available online for you and your employees


The placement test will take place before the course can take part at CBI or in your company. The purpose of this test is to verify the language knowledge and the skills of each student, upon which we will be able to place the student to the correct knowledge level.

The placement test consists of 2 parts: a written part and an oral part.

Both parts are multi-level – which means that they include test items from beginner to advanced level.

The written part contains writing, listening with understanding, grammar and structure and of course the language vocabulary. This part of the test is 60 minutes long. The oral part takes the form of a conversation, on topics which are not yet known. The goal is to verify the student’s ability to respond naturally while using the active use of grammar and vocabulary.

The oral part of the exam takes 5-10 minutes.

During the course students will pass two tests which will map their progress-a midterm and final test – which will verify the knowledge gained during the course.

These tests will verify the student’s ability to read, listen and understand vocabulary, and the ability to use language and grammatical structures correctly.

The test takes 90 minutes and it is important to reach at least a 75% pass rate. If it happens that the student doesn’t pass a test, he/she can make a reparation test called – the third test.

If a student can’t make the test in the specified time he/she can complete it within the next 30 days due to a mutually agreed date at CBI.

Students who pass both tests with 75% and their attendance level is also 75% will receive a Certificate of Canadian Bilingual Institute-language course Bratislava. They automatically step up to a higher language level.

Student satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we decided to monitor it regularly through a questionnaire completed, which the students will receive after 10 taught hours and also at the end of the course. Thanks to these questionnaires we can promptly respond to clients' demands and needs, based on which we can regulate our lecturers. This contributes to the effective implementation of the services provided by CBI in favour of its students.


To find out your language skill the fastest and most effective way possible, CBI has made a placement test, which will take just several minutes to fill in. Our system will evaluate the test and give you your current language level according to SEER. This information can be very useful in choosing your current language course level.