How can I find out my language level?

You can find out your language skill level by completing a placement test which is placed on our website or in person right in the Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava. Defining the correct language level is crucial to determine which language course is best for you.


When should I choose a Slovak lecturer and when a native speaker?

A Slovak lecturer is suitable for students whose language skills are not sufficient for understanding more difficult parts of learning in language learning, those are lower levels (A1, A2, B1).

Native speakers are appropriate for students who are able to understand the subject matter explained in this foreign language, it is the higher levels (B2, C1).


When should I start thinking to choose a professional language course?

Technical language should be studied when you meet it during study or at work, or you can use it in the future. It is not suitable for beginners, but for advanced students (level B1).


How do I sign up for a course?

You can register by completing the online application, by email or via phone. Another option is to visit us directly at the address of Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava, where we provide all the necessary information immediately.


How do I pay for a language course?

A language course can be paid through the invoice that you receive once you register for the course or by cash at the address of the Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava.

For the 80 hour course you have an option to split the payment into 2 parts: first, you will pay for 50 hours and after passing them, the next 30 hours.

For other courses you must pay the entire amount at once.

Payment must be made no later than two days before the start of the course.


How to apply a discount to the language course?

All discounts that we offer our students are published on the website of the Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava, as well as all the vouchers that can be applied from us.


When am I entitled to get a certificate?

When a student of the Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava complete 80 hours of foreign language study with an attendance of at least 75% and a minimum of 75% success in both the midterm and final Test.


Is it possible to obtain a certificate such as FCE, CAE, TOEFL or IELTS at Canadian Bilingual Institute – Language courses Bratislava?

The Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses do not offer the possibility to obtain these certificates, but we do offer complete preparation courses for these examinations. These courses will fully prepare you for obtaining certificates FCE, CAE, TOEFL or IELTS. Group training courses can be found in our courses offer. Preparation for an international exam is possible also through personalised courses.


Do lecturers change during lessons?

No they don’t. In terms of the psychology of learning the most effective way of learning is the faithfulness of the same lecturer, throughout the full duration of the course. The student avoids the potential stress of the unknown and at the same time, he/she is under the care of an expert who not only knows the detail of each lesson, but who knows the students' strengths and weaknesses, which they target together during lessons. At Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava, you can be sure to have the same lecturer from the start until the finish of the language course.


What happens if I cannot complete the language course?

If a client has a serious health problem or other reason worth of special consideration and cannot finish the prepaid language course, it can be done up to 6 months after receiving the payment. The remaining funds cannot be moved to another person.


How many students are in one group?

To keep the quality of language services at Canadian Bilingual Institute – Language courses Bratislava, there is a limited group attendance which is a maximum of up to 12 students.


Is it possible to sign up for a language course that is already taking place?

In case you missed the sign up to a language course, and another similar course doesn't open in the near future, you can assign to an existing group (if there is free space). If you sign up to an existing course which is already going on, we will adjust the costs appropriately based on the number of hours of absence. In case you would need more intensive study, we can offer individual lessons.


How do the individual courses run and how can I apply for them?

The individual courses you may assume as being the same curriculum as in a group class, but the difference is that the lecturer and the learning space are reserved just for you. Individual courses can be adapted to the requirements of the student and are paid a certain number of hours in advance. We offer 6, 10 and 20 hour packages. If necessary, the number of hours may be adjusted according to client needs.


Individual and semi-individual courses-what are the conditions in case of cancellation?

A lesson in this type of course needs to be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the lesson. Your individual or semi-individual course will then extend for that very lesson, be added on at the end of the course so it isn't missed, or you can arrange with your lecturer to take a substitute lesson. If the lesson is cancelled in less than 24 hours prior to the beginning, this lesson will be counted as a taught lesson.


What if I am interested in a language course that is not in your offer?

Even in this case please do not hesitate to contact us. Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava has many years of experience in developing specialised and specific language courses which fits the client's needs. Call us, write, or visit us in person at our headquarters in Canadian Bilingual Institute-Language courses Bratislava. Our team is always ready to advise and provide the necessary information.


To find out your language skill the fastest and most effective way possible, CBI has made a placement test, which will take just several minutes to fill in. Our system will evaluate the test and give you your current language level according to SEER. This information can be very useful in choosing your current language course level.